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Telenor brings some daily Telenor call packages for the users who need the free minutes few and far between for an urgent task. Whether you want to discuss your assignment with your college friends or you want to discuss the office business matters for a long time

Telenor daily call packages provide you with sufficient talk time at different hours of the day for such activities. Check out all of the daily call packages and pick the one that is perfect for your needs.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
*Telenor Good Time PackageRs 710,000 On-net minutes (Valid for the next two hours)200MBs (Valid for Facebook only)2 hoursDial *345*20#Automatically expires after two hours
Telenor Daily Hybrid OfferRs 10100 on-net minuteN/A24 HoursDial *345# and follow on-screen instructionsAutomatically expires at 6 PM
Telenor Full Day offerRs 15.50Unlimited On-net calls75MB24 HoursDial *5*250#Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Telenor Mini Budget PackageRs 1550 On-net minutes4MBs, 300 SMS to all networks24 HoursDial *240#Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Telenor Sahulat Mini OfferRs 75200 On-net minutes20 off-net minutes24 HoursDial *050#Automatically expires at midnight the same day

*The offer is valid for the next two hours when you activate the package. However, it is not valid from 6 PM to 9 PM.

**On every call, you are charged 12.5 paisa including tax.


If you do not want to subscribe for free minutes daily, here are some 3-Days Telenor call packages. You can consider any of them. Check them below.

Offer NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-Activation Code
*Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar PackageRs 24100,000 On-net minutesValid for 3 Days (6 AM to 6 PM)Dial *345*626#Automatically expires after three days
3 Day Superhit PackageRs 34100,000 On-net minutes3 Days (except 7 PM to 10 PM)*345*299#Automatically expires after three days
Telenor 3 Din Sahulat PackageRs 40250 On-net minutes25 Off-net minutes, 250 SMS to all networks, 50MBs (2G, 3G), 100MBs (valid for WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook)Valid for 3 Days (24 hours)Dial *5*3#Automatically expires after three days
3 Day Mini Budget offerRs 39600 On-net minutes300 SMS, 50 MBValid for 3 DaysDial *345*243#Automatically expires

*The Telenor users of TS Economy, TS 24Hours, TS 75 Paisa, and TS Value are eligible to get this offer.


Telenor does not disappoint you if you need the free minutes frequently at different hours of the week.

Have a look at numerous weekly call packages for users with lots of free minutes to fulfill their call requirements.

Lets have a look at various Telenor Call Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar OfferRs 882000 On-net minutes70MB7 DaysActivate it through “My Telenor App” or Telenor WebsiteAutomatically expires on 7th day midnight
Seven Day Mini Budget OfferRs 86500 On-net minutes1000 SMS, 50MBs7 DaysDial *345*247#Automatically expires on 7th day midnight
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat PackageRs 1151000 On-net minutes700 SMS, 70 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *5*7#Automatically expires on 7th day midnight
Telenor EasyCard Weekly PackageRs 1301000 On-net minutes500 SMS, 50 Off-net minutes, 1500MB7 DaysDial *963#Automatically expires on 7th day midnight


Telenor brings various call packages for you with different types of free minutes. Few packages include free SMS and internet bundles with free minutes. Let’s select the best one that suits you.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Telenor EasyCardRs 8002000 On-net minutes150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMS30 daysLoad an EasyCard to subscribe the offerAutomatically expire on 30th day midnight
Monthly All in OneRs 418.25Rs 150 balance for call/SMS to all networks5000MB30 DaysDial *345*246#Automatically expire on 30th day midnight
Telenor EasyCard 450600 Rs500 On-net minutes50 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS, 500MB30 DaysLoad “EasyCard 450” to subscribe this offerAutomatically expire on 30th day midnight

Terms and Conditions

  • Telenor reserves the right to change the package charges at any time.
  • The company can withdraw any call package at any time.
  • The offer mechanics can be changed at any time.
  • Every time you subscribe to any call package, the standard charges i.e. 12.5 paise (including tax) are charged.
  • If you convert the call package, the standard 12.5 paisa will be charged for this purpose.
  • All of the call packages given above are inclusive of tax.
  • When you re-subscribe the offer, the previous free minutes, SMS, and internet MBs are added to the current bucket.
  • With each re-subscription, the validity of the current recharge enhances to a considerable time period.

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