YouTube Private Video Downloader

YouTube private Video Downloader
Written by Sheikh Umair

YouTube is a very popular video-sharing website with billions of active users online across the world. These days you won’t see any e users who don’t have the YouTube app installed on their phone because YouTube is our best companion when we are bored with our routine activities.

According to a recent survey, an average person spends almost 30 minutes on YouTube daily which means it’s quite addictive as well. Similarly, millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis for different purposes.

You must be familiar with YouTube Video Downloader but we are quite sure you haven’t experienced any YouTube private video downloader because odownloader is the only platform on the entire internet to introduce this feature.

If you are a YouTube content creator then you must know the importance of private or unlisted videos because we cannot download them with any YouTube Downloader. Sometimes creators want to download their own private videos to make some changes and then make them public by re-uploading. So no one wants to share incomplete videos with their fans just for downloading purposes.

For the comfort of YouTube creators, we have introduced an amazing feature of YouTube’s private video downloader that will allow users to download unlisted or private YouTube videos for free.

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YouTube private Video Downloader
Download Private YouTube Videos With Firefox

How to Use YouTube Private Video Downloader

You have to follow these steps properly to download any unlisted or private YouTube video.

  1. First, open the YouTube video that you want to download in a separate window.
  2. Now press CTRL+U keys together and open the source code page.
  3. Copy the entire source code by pressing CTRL+A and then copy it using CTRL+V.
  4. Now, at last, paste the complete source code in the box section of our YouTube private video downloader and then click the download button.
  5. You have to wait for a few seconds to minutes until the video is downloaded in your system.

Remember, make sure that you copy the entire source code of the YouTube video that you want to download because an incomplete source code will not work.


We hope you have successfully downloaded several YouTube private videos from without any hassle. It’s one of the rarest download services which we have added in our platform due to increasing demand from our beloved users.

You won’t see any private downloader related to YouTube anywhere else because our developers are odownloader who have worked day and night to code the complex program for your ease.

An amazing thing about this downloader is that it works on high-speed servers so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to download any private video

You have to be very cautious while using any downloader online because the majority of them have auto click hidden advertisement that redirects users to 3rd party sites for the sake of a few pennies. Odownloader will work flawlessly on any device including Android, IOS, PC, and tablet because it is designed with perfection and expertise.

Article Source: Express Digest

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