Zong Internet Packages 2023 

Zong Internet Packages 2022 
Written by Sheikh Umair

Zong Internet Packages in 2023 offers users some of the most competitive data bundles, including Zong Daily, Zong Weekly, and Zong Monthly Data Bundles, compared to other networks in the country.

Zong Daily Internet Packages 2023

Day Time OfferRs. 231.5GB Internet Data4am to 7pm*6464#
Good Night OfferRs. 232.5GB Internet Data1am to 9am*6464#
Daily SocialRs. 231.5GB Internet Data Data (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, YouTube)1 Day (Till 11:59AM)*6464#
Daily BasicRs. 23100MB Internet Data1 Day*6464#
Daily Data MaxRs. 491GB Data (500MB Flat + 500MB YouTube)1 Day*6464#

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages 2022 

Zong Weekly Internet Packages 2023

Super WeeklyRs. 1954GB of Internet Data7 Days*6464#
Super Weekly PlusRs. 2508GB of Internet Data7 Days*6464#
Super Weekly MaxRs. 32525GB of Internet Data7 Days*6464#
Super Weekly PremiumRs. 36530 GB Data (including 180 Off-net Mins, 5,000 Zong minutes and 5,000 SMS)7 Days*6464#
Weekly Mega DataRs. 10350GB of Internet Data (1AM to 9AM)7 Days*6464#
Weekly YouTube OfferRs 1388GB of YouTube Data7 Days*6464#
Weekly HLORs. 29012GB Data (including 100 Off-net Mins, 5,000 Zong Minutes and SMS)7 Days*6464#
Weekly Stay at HomeRs. 10310GB of Internet Data + 1000 Zong Minutes (8AM to 6PM)7 Days*6464#
Weekly TikTokRs. 512GB Internet Data7 Days*6464#
All-In-1 WeeklyRs. 2104GB Internet Data (including, 60 Off-net Mins, 500 Zong Mins + SMS)7 Days*6464#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong Monthly Internet Packages 2023

Monthly Facebook OfferRs. 1136GB Internet Data30 Days*6464#
Monthly WhatsApp PlusRs. 1155GB Data (including 200 SMS + Zong Mins and 25 Off-Net Mins)30 Days*6464#
Monthly WhatsAppRs. 625GB of Internet Data (WhatsApp Only)30 Days*6464#
IMO MonthlyRs. 622.5 GB Internet Data (IMO Only)30 Days*6464#
Monthly 5GBRs 2995GB Internet Data30 Days*6464#
Monthly 20GBRs. 575Flat 10GB + 10GB From 1AM to 9AM)30 Days*6464#
Monthly MaxRs. 89920GB (1AM to 9AM)30 Days*6464#
Monthly SupremeRs. 89920GB Data (including 300 Off-net Mins, 5000 Zong Mins + SMS)30 Days*6464#
Monthly SocialRs. 19912GB Data (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO) + 250 Zong Mins, 35 Off-net Mins, 250 SMS30 Days*6464#

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which subscriber base will be eligible to use the online activation shop?
A. All Zong prepaid users can activate bundles (voice, SMS, internet, and hybrid) through an online activation shop

Q. What will be the confirmation SMS received on his number when the customer will reply with Y.
A. “Dear Customer Your Request has been submitted successfully and you will receive a confirmation SMS soon. Thank you.”

Q. What will be the time required in which the package will be activated on the customer’s number after he replies with Y
A. Within 15 mins

Q. What if I already have a Data package and activate another one from here? Will it override the initial package?
A. Yes. It will be overridden

Q. Will I receive any intimation message that my initial package will be overridden
A. Yes, an intimation message will be received

Q. Postpaid Data Bundle Information

  • With Postpaid, you can subscribe to Data Bundles by dialing *567#.
  • There will be no proration on add-ons, which will be charged on the total price.
  • The bundle validity will be till the end of the billing cycle.
  • The above Data bundles have to be subscribed to by yourself and will not be auto-activated every month.
  • Multiple bundles can be subscribed within a billing cycle.
  • The above bundles are only available for z300,z500,z900 & z1500 Postpaid Packages.
  • Customers not using z500,z900 & z1500 packages must change their package to the z500,z900 & z1500 postpaid packages to subscribe to these data bundles.

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