Is the Undervaluation of SUNDIAL GROWERS a Bad Thing?

Written by Sheikh Umair

SUNDIAL GROWERS is a high growth, innovative new company in the nutritional supplement industry. It is a developer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements with an emphasis on dietary supplements for seniors. The company was founded in 2021 by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John C. White. Mr. White is a former CFO of Global Numen Inc., where he served as Chief Financial Officer.


This provides an opportunity for SunDial Growers to raise funds for its future growth and expansion. We believe that this transaction will be priced at a multiple of our net proceeds from the sale of our additional common shares. There are a number of reasons that we believe this is a good business move for both parties. First, we believe that SunDial has a solid management team and significant growth opportunities in the markets it serves. Mr. White is a proven leader who is able to attract, retain and motivate key personnel. Additionally, we believe that Mr. White is a vision person and loves to build teams and create businesses that have a synergistic effect on the organization.

We expect that in the first year of this arrangement, the combined gross revenues of the two companies will exceed $100 million. We believe that the total revenues of SunDial Growers in the second year of this arrangement will be in the range of five to six billion dollars. On a per share basis, we estimate that the value of the franchise will be approximately seven hundred million dollars. This will represent a tremendous multiple of the selling price of our common shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

As part of this transaction, we expect SunDial Growers to purchase a number of shares from us under the name “SUNDIAL GROWERS LLC”. We expect this transaction to result in a significant dilution of our ownership interest in our shares of stock in SunDial Growers. We do not expect the dilution to be greater than or equal to the weighted average number of shares per share on the New York Stock Exchange.

We believe that this listing is highly undervalued and is expected to sell at a very high price. The lower priced Nasdaq standard is likely to continue and will likely remain below the price chart of our common stock on the Nasdaq. It is also important for us to emphasize that we believe the combination of SunDial Growers with our own company is a strategic move by SunDial Growers and their associates. This combination allows the companies to operate independently from us as an independent pharmaceutical distributor.


The shares of SunDial Growers are expected to be sold on the Nasdaq in the near future. We expect the business to enter into a two to four-year deal with a specialty pharmaceutical company. This arrangement is unknown at this time but is expected to be finalized shortly. In our opinion, this undervaluation of our shares warrants a higher price for the shares. This is due to the fact that there is limited cash flow coming in from the sale of the shares as compared to our common stock which has significantly over-performed the Nasdaq.

In addition, we believe that the lower cost of the shares on the Nasdaq will also reduce the liquidity of the shares. There are currently no public companies listed on the Nasdaq who are involved in the cultivation of medical marijuana. Only three of the fifty largest sellers of Sndl Pot stocks currently face short sales on the Nasdaq. Most of these companies are sophisticated and experienced players in the market. It is unlikely that any of these companies will be able to survive the intense competition from SunDial Growers and its associates in the growing medical marijuana industry.

We believe that investors should avoid buying shares in companies unless they have significant evidence that the company is using its equity as leverage to finance acquisition targets. Furthermore, potential buyers of Sndl shares should be forewarned that the sector is highly volatile in nature. The sector has the highest number of new start ups than any other in the cannabis industry. In addition, we believe that the low cost of shares on the Nasdaq makes it more difficult to obtain a reliable price quote from Canadian marijuana growers.

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