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Coronavirus vaccine – Bill Gates is accused of his sins against humanity by the Italian Lawmaker

Coronavirus vaccine
Written by Sheikh Umair

The novel coronavirus, since Feb 2020, has shaken the whole world because of its brutality and killer nature. Although the virus is said to have started from a local market in China, it spread its roots, within a very short time, in almost all the other countries of the world and Italy was the one that was most badly damaged due to it as the death toll reached the highest mark in Italy and coronavirus vaccine offered by Bill Gates


The major parts of the world experienced partial to complete lockdowns and several are still in the lockdown phase due to this virus. And the search for the cure still goes on. Bill Gates, on the other hand, has offered the coronavirus vaccine making for it but the news tell us that there is a lot more going behind the scene of this coronavirus, the lockdown, and the vaccine preparation.

Coronavirus vaccine (Microchip Vaccination)

Last week, we heard a speech from the Italian lawmaker, MP Sara Cunial from Rome, that was entirely based upon Bill Gates’ activities for anti-corona-virus efforts. She openly said that Bill Gates is a vaccine criminal, who, if not is the reason behind the spread of the pandemic, then sure is responsible for the vaccine drive for this novel virus.

In her opinion, Bill Gates has always been in favor of the depopulation of the world and is always looking for the ways for dictatorial control over the agriculture, technology and energy of the world. Going further, she accused Gates for sterilizing millions of women in Africa with his vaccines and paralyzing hundreds of thousands of children in India.

5G Technology

Furthermore, she said that the introduction of the GMO and 5G technology, have a share in the conspiracy mix for taking control of the economy of the world.

Not only this, but this vigilant woman added to her speech by telling the parliament that the philanthropic ways of Bill Gates is merely and agenda to take control over the human minds and the whole human race so that with the help of the microchip vaccination (coronavirus vaccine), they could easily take control over the whole population, turning them into the guinea pigs and slaves without any free will.

After adding several more remarks in the speech about how Bill Gates is violating all the human rights, and how he has been making attempts to take control over the human race since a decade, Sara ended her speech in the most memorable worlds that knocked the air out of many in the parliament house.

He said, that for the next time, when you get some philanthropic call from your Bill Gates, do not hesitate to forward it directly to the criminal court so that the criminal and the person responsible for it all, could be arrested and should be punished for his sins regarding killings and taking away the rights of the people.

Recently, Gates has seen a lot of criticism for his efforts against the coronavirus and this speech was not the first one from Italy as well. we are not sure about the accusation of Sara, but we do hope that the pandemic wears off soon and we get out of this crisis real soon.

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