Evolution of Samsung phones 2017

Evolution of Samsung phones
Written by Sheikh Umair

An Evolution of Samsung phones – Samsung Galaxy is the name of the series of products presented by Samsung electronics in the market. Though the series comprises Galaxy s series of high tech smartphones, galaxy tab series of tablets and Galaxy Note series for phablets later accompanied by stylish Galaxy Gear smartwatches, but the most prominent and popular are the Galaxy smartphone series.

Galaxy devices are operated with an Android operating system developed by Google. However now a galaxy branded window 10 is presented in Samsung Galaxy TabPro.

Evolution of Samsung phones – Galaxy series:

The first smart phone of the series was presented in the market in June 2009. Since then several different models with enhanced features and upgraded Galaxy features have been introduced and the process still continues.

Samsung Galaxy Year 2009:

That was the first time when the Galaxy term was coined by Samsung Electronics and two smartphones were exhibited in the market.

  • Samsung GALAXY
  • Samsung SPICA

A powerful advertising campaign was initiated for the two models but literally not great impact was created as the year 2009 was already seeing the groundbreaking iPhone 3 and LG models along with existing models of Samsung like OMNIA.

The year 2010:

This year was a major breakthrough for GALAXY series. A number of new models introduced but it was GALAXY S that outclassed all was introduced with the

  • fastest graphics processing screen
  • The thinnest smartphone (9.9mm) at that time.
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2GB minimum internal memory

This model broke all previous sale records and by 2013 25 million sets were sold.

Year 2011:

Year 2011 in Evolution of Samsung phones saw a proliferation of GALAXY series. The greatest event in GALAXY series evolution was the release of SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII. It was thought to a phenomenal smartphone successfully competed for its Apple rivals. This phone had a major impact on the demand and approval of GALAXY series. With

  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 1 or 2 GB RAM
  • 8-inch screen 720p resolution

It was the promptest selling smartphone of all times.

The year 2013:

Samsung produced many GALAXY series smartphones but kept its GALAXY S series very discrete. It was a crafty marketing trick but very successful. In the year 2013 GALAXY S5 surfaced and like S3, broke all previous records of selling. S4 was presented the year before but as it was to not greatly distinct from SIII it could not make an alluring impact in the market. S5 however introduced with Evolution of Samsung phones:

  • 16 MP camera
  • 1-inch screen
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2800mAH li-lon battery

The processor was super amazing and phone sold to record within days.


Evolution of Samsung phones

These are regarded as the most revolutionary products by Samsung. Android marshmallow software was introduced. Automatic sensors for powering the phone on and off were the brilliant features of the two models. Both are equipped with super processors. The slogan for S7 “beyond Barriers” was truly followed and turned to reality by the sales of the smartphones.

GALAXY J series:

J series though not as popular and highly esteemed as the S series yet it has a popular group of users cheering its qualities and economical aspects.

Evolution of Samsung phones

Evolution of Samsung phones – GALAXY series evolved over the years. Each year with a better and advanced model. The marketing trick manipulated by Samsung Electronics for the GALAXY series is praiseworthy indeed

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