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Free Umrah
Written by Sheikh Umair

Umrah is a minor holy pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims can perform throughout the year, which means it does not have a specific date in the Islamic lunar calendar like Hajj. Due to its location in Saudi Arabia, all pilgrims who wish to perform this pilgrimage must have avisaunless they are citizens of Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.

The Umrah visa is only valid for two weeks, and within those two weeks, you must perform Umrah. You must pay attention to your departure from Saudi Arabia within two weeks from the date of entry and must not exceed that.

To apply for an Umrah visa, you have to find an Umrah Travel agency that is approved by the Saudi Arabian government and then fill out the registration form as well as complete all the required travel documents. Visa applications will go through several processes and will be completed in a few days.

However, the regulations regarding Umrah visas have been simplified by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia, which states that pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia can now obtain Umrah visas through the Tawakkalna and Eatmarna applications.

Umrah and Hajj visas are free, but you still have to pay for the services you get in Saudi Arabia.

Not only visas, but prospective Umrah pilgrims must also pay attention to accommodation, food, and other things. Taking care of all these things will not be easy and requires no small cost.

Free Umrah Lucky Draws List

  • Al Mustafa Trust Lucky Draw
  • El Sawy Travel Lucky Draw
  • Hajj Umrah Online Lucky Draw

Even so, people who want to go to worship do not need to worry anymore about the difficulty of the process of arranging free Umrah trips and the costs because now there are many organizations, websites, and community groups that provide free Umrah trips through lucky draws.

To participate in the lucky draw, participants will usually only be asked to fill out a simple form to win a free free Umrah trip.

In addition, participants who want to take part in this lucky draw must follow several terms and conditions requested, including a valid passport, only one person per family can register until they choose a departure date together with the winner.

Umrah Packages from Pakistan 2023 Price April. Rate

Umrah Packages 2023 from Pakistan: Asalam o Alikum! Best wishes you are performing Umrah in April. 2023 with our company. Our company provides you with the best services for Umrah Package from Pakistan in April. 2023. You can get the Umrah package from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and other cities of Pakistan on a low and cheap budget that you can easily afford. In 2023 Government of Saudi Arabia increase the Umrah package Rate for Visa and Hotel reservations as compared to previous years.

If you are going to plan free Umrah then you need to know about the total expenses for Umrah including Tickets, transportation, hoteling, visa fees, Ziarat, and shopping. We provide you best economy Umrah packages from Pakistan in 2023.

Umrah Packages from Pakistan February. 2022 Latest Price

Best free Umrah travel company provides the best & realistic Umrah services to our clients. As clients, people have a lot of queries in their mind and the best Travel company provides the best services. Our company provides you with Umrah packages that consist of 7 days 15 days & 21 days and 28 days you can also travel in groups package Umrah.

Many people view Umrah as the “small pilgrimage,” while Hajj is seen as the “main pilgrimage.” When performed with the right intentions, Umrah serves as a means of purification of the soul and mind that have been marred by sin and negativity. Muslims are recommended to perform Umrah not only once but as many times as possible because it is Sunnah. One of the best acts one can carry out to become closer to Allah Almighty is Umrah.

Umrah Packages 2023 from Pakistan Price Rate in April.

We provide some choices for you like You can choose your first destination Pakistan to Makka (Jadda Airport) or you can choice Pakistan to Madina ( Madinah Airport).

You can have a choice to perform Umrah with a group or you can choose independence with your family. The previous experience we provide the nearest hotel and air conditioner bus service to our client. We also provide Umrah-related guidance to our clients that are helpful for Muslims who have plan to go for Umrah.

As my experience must get knowledge about how to perform Umrah I must discuss it with Ulma.

Umrah Package 21 Days (February 2023)

1 Person Package


Four Person Sharing Room

These are the Package detail for 21 days Pakistan to Saudia to perform Umrah. You can spend 21 Days include 20 nights and 10 days in Makkah & 10 Days in Madinah. Package include Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay , Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Khalil Al- Rasheed Hotel

Mecca Hotel Distance ====> 500M

Hotel in Madina ====> Hayah Taiba Hotel

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 200M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rate can be fluctuate at the time of Final booking. It me b less or can be increased because of Currency fluctuation

Umrah Package 21 Days (February 2023)

1 Person Package


Four Person Sharing Room

These are the Package detail for 21 days Pakistan to Saudia to perform free Umrah. You can spend 21 Days include 20 nights and 10 days in Makkah & 10 Days in Madinah. Package include Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay , Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Bessan Hajra Hotel

Mecca Hotel Distance ====> 550M

Hotel in Madina ====> Marsa Fizi

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 500M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rate can be fluctuate at the time of Final booking. It me b less or can be increased because of Currency fluctuation

Umrah Package 21 Days (February 2023)

1 Person Package


Four Person Sharing Room

These are the Package detail for 21 days Pakistan to Saudia to perform Umrah. You can spend 21 Days include 20 nights and 10 days in Makkah & 10 Days in Madinah. Package include Visa Fees, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay , Transportation

Hotel in Mecca ====> Burj Rawdah

Makkah Hotel Distance ====> 1800M Shuttle Service

Hotel in Madinah ====> Zahra Taiba 5/6

Madina Hotel Distance ====> 750M

Stay Time in Makkah ====> 10

Stay Time in Madina ====> 10


AirLine ====> PIA / ETIHAD

Ziarat ====> DO YOURSELF (Not including)

Food Budget per day ====> 2 MEMBER COST = 30 TO 50 RIYAL PER DAY (Food Not Included in Package)

Shopping ====> NOT INCLUDING

Note: Rate can be fluctuate at the time of Final booking. It me b less or can be increased because of Currency fluctuation

Umrah Package Services

Our main services are to provide services to our clients in Umrah Services from Lahore, Umrah Services from Karachi, and Umrah Services from Islamabad and also from other cities. For this Umrah Services, your flight runs from this city airport. Blessing moments just achieve blessing people so never loos this opportunity.

We are always ready to customize any Umrah package according to the needs and wishes of the customer. The company wants to facilitate these packages to the whole country. That’s why Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi have introduced some exciting Umrah packages to appeal to more audiences and make dreams come true.

We arrange everything like flights, hotels, and travel! Whether traveling alone or with family, you can meet your budget with our affordableUmrah packages from Lahore.

Deviations have a brief history of success, treating clients like friends and families, and valuing their opinions, passions, and convictions. At our company we treat everyone with care and affection, providing transparent and accurate information onUmrah packages from Islamabad.

Best Umrah Packages in 2023

Put together your own package with us and visit the holy places – the paradise of the earth! We are right behind you from departure to arrival. They believe in us and we make sure that you do not disappoint a customer. It’s time to adapt yourUmrah package in Karachid and make your dream come true. Visit the dreamland. We hope to build a long-term relationship with the employees. I look forward to your prayers. Be blessed.

Family Umrah Packages 2023 Detail

Economy Umrah Packages 2023 for 21 days from Pakistan includes Transportation from Airport to Hotel and Makka to Madina or Madina to Makka with an air-conditioned bus and also includes the hotel to the airport. 5 days package provides your hotel with a clean and air-conditioned room. Also, include Visa processing fees and Saudi Visa fees.

3 Star Umrah Packages

HMF Travel is offering a 21-day complete family Umrah  Package at a reasonable and affordable rate. The package includes 10 days in Makkah and 10 days in Madinah. It will cost

Rate 196000

This Package will include

  • Accommodation (Rooms Only)
  • Meet and Greet at Jeddah Airport
  • Umrah Visa Included
  • Visit Holy places (Makkah and Madinah)
  • Transportation
  • Makkah Hotel: Masarat 4
  • Madinah Hotel: Karam Golden

Services not  included

  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Quarantine and PCR Tests
  • Ziyarat of other places
  • Air Ticket
Free Umrah

14 Days Umrah Packages

HMF is providing a deluxe Umrah  Package for 14 days. It will include 9 days in Makkah and 5 days in Madinah.

The package will cost

1,82,000 per person

This Package will include

  • Flight Ticket (Saudi Airline)
  • 3 time meals
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Umrah Visa
  • Makkah Hotel: Kiswa Tower
  • Madinah Hotel: Hya Al Wah Markeza
  • Transportation

Services not  included

  • Medical Charges
  • Quarantine
  • Ziyarat

5 Star Group Umrah Packages

HMF Travel has planned a 5-star Umrah  Package that gives you a relaxing environment in the time of Umrah. Their 11 days package which includes 6 days in Madinah and 5 Days in Makkah will cost:

  • 250,000 per person for Double room sharing
  • 230,000 per person for Triple room sharing
  • 210,000 per person for Quad room sharing

This Package will include

  • Tour Leader
  • All COVID tests included
  • 5 Days Quarantine
  • Return tickets
  • Breakfast
  • Transport
  • Umrah Visa
  • Makkah Hotel: Pullman Zamzam
  • Madinah Hotel: Dallah Taiba

Services not  included

  • Medical Charges
  • Lunch and Dinner

Economy Package for 21 days includes the same as 15 days of transportation airport to Hotel and Makka to Madina & Madina to Makka with air condition bus. 3 Star 21 days package includes visa fees transportation hotel reservations. The hotel has air conditioning and a clean bedroom and a single-bed setting.

Umrah Packages 2023 From Pakistan

Economy Umrah Packages

HMF Travel is providing Economic Umrah Package at a reasonable price. Due to the constant devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, the costs are in Saudi Riyal.

28-day package which will include 14 days in Makkah and 14 days in Madinah will cost

  • 2,573 Saudi Riyal for twin sharing
  • 2,118 Saudi Riyal for Triple sharing
  • 1,891 Saudi Riyal for Quad sharing

This Package will include

  • Accommodation in Air-conditioned rooms
  • Visa for Umrah
  • Transport by Bus (JED-MAK-MED-Airport)
  • The distance of the Hotel in Makkah from Haram will be between 600 meters to 3 km.
  • The distance between the Hotel in Madinah from Masjid-e-Nabvi will be greater than 500 meters.

Services not  included

  • Air Ticket
  • Quarantine and PCR Test
  • Meals
  • Ziyarat

4 Star Super Deluxe Umrah Packages

HMF Travel has come up with a 4-Star Umrah Package.

Their 20 days package includes 8 days in Makkah and 12 days in Madinah. The package will cost

  • 179635 for twin sharing
  • 135092 Triple sharing
  • 117554 for Quad sharing

This Package will include

  • At the airport in Jeddah, meet and assist
  • Agent service charges and Umrah Visa fees
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Makkah Hotel: Makkah Hilton Tower Room only 0 meters Distance
  • Madinah Hotel: Jewar Al Saqefah Hotel 100 Meter Distance
  • Transportation from Jeddah to Makkah

Services not  included

  • Air Fare
  • Meals
  • Quarantine and PCR Test
  • Makkah-Madinah-Makkah-Jeddah transfers

VVIP Short Umrah Packages

HMF Travel and Tour provide luxury packages that need the best facilities and hassle-free Umrah activities.

Their 10 days Premium package includes 5 days in Makkah and 5 Days in Madinah will cost

  • 5,07,425 for a single person
  • 3,06,000 for twin sharing
  • 2,76,000 for triple sharing

This Package will include

  • Meet and briefing at Jeddah Airport
  • Visa Fee
  • Makkah Hotel:5 Star Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental 0 Meter Half Board
  • Madinah Hotel:5 Star Dar al Taqwa Ex Intercontinental 0 meter Half Board
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Transport by private car
  • Medical Charges

Services not  included

  • Air ticket
  • Lunch

Economy Umrah Packages 2023 from Pakistan for 7, 15, 21, and 29 days includes Visa fees, Visa processing, Transportation, Air ticket, Hotel reservation & Ziarat. Transportation charges start from Airport to the hotel, Makka/Madina to Madina/Makka transportation. and then the hotel to the airport. Group Start time end of  April. 2023.

7 Days Umrah Packages Price from Pakistan

Every Muslim has a heartfelt desire for Performing an Umrah. If you are in search of an affordable 7 Days Umrah Package, you are in the right place. Here you’ll get all the information regarding the 7 Days Umrah Package. Also, how to book your umrah package.

In an Umrah package, we include the sound planning of your travel from your city to the Holy Land and when you have done umrah reaching back to umrah.

15 Days Umrah Packages Price

We are providing Umrah services almost in all major cities of Pakistan. We are doing our best to ensure our client’s safety throughout this sacred journey. Pick up your 7 days Umrah package according to your pocket and needs.

In this article, we are enlightening your 7 days Umrah package with an estimated price in Pakistan. Below we summarize these packages for your ease and we will furnish a complete description upon demand. Contact us for further queries as soon as possible to book your flight.

5 Star 7 Day Umrah Packages

The 5 Star Umrah Package is available for you at an affordable price. This package includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel of Makkah and Madina with breakfast, room service, free WiFi, and an air-conditioned room.

We will provide a luxury car to travel from Makkah to Madina and to visit Holy places. Also, the Post departure expenses will be in the package.

4 Star 7 Day Umrah Package

4 Star Umrah package includes all the basic facilities of the Umrah journey. Like 5 Star Umrah package in this, we’ll provide you with our best services of visa, accommodation near Makkah and Madina, transport, and flight ticket.

3 Star Umrah Package

Package 3 Star Umrah is the cheapest package of all. However, we will serve the best. If you don’t have enough money to afford a 5-star or 4-star package, then you must choose this one for yourself.

Now just plan to travel to Holy Land with your family or friends and ping us for questions regarding these packages. And don’t worry if you want to customize your package, we are always there for our potential clients.

15 Days Umrah Packages

Are you thinking to go for Umrah but are still confused about how to contact a trustworthy Umrah Travel Agent who offers you a cheap 15 Days Umrah Package? End up your search now because we are here for you. We are arranging your Holy Journey in all the big cities of Pakistan.

A good travel agency is one that considers your demands while arranging an Umrah package for you. If you plan to go for a 15 days Umrah, then we have a range of affordable Umrah Packages for you. In which we provide our valuable client’s with the best quality services at affordable rates.

21 Days Umrah Packages with Price

We will customize our packages according to your needs. Although customization may charge more. But we assure you we will arrange everything perfectly.

Reliable Umrah Service Provider

Our agents are not like others who are just running for money for their clients. They only make your journey troublesome for their comfort.

But our agency is trustworthy at this point. We are certain you to provide our level best services. We have a good range of 15 days of Umrah Packages for every class of economic affordability.

You can book your 5 Star, 4 Star, or 3 Star 15 Days free Umrah Package. And if you can’t afford the above packages, then you can book an economy 15 Days Umrah Package. The economy Umrah package is the cheapest of all.

The cost for the 5 Star 15 days Package starts from is nearly 150,000 PKR. The cost of 4 Star 15 days Package usually starts from 132,000 PKR. And the cost for the 3 Star 15 days package will roundabout 120,000 PKR. As an economy package is the cheapest of all, so the price usually starts from 110,000 PKR.

Although if you want to travel in business class, we also have arrangements for it. Just grab your phone now and contact us for your Umrah booking. We’ll serve our potential clients with the best possible cheapest packages.

What do we include in the 15 Days Umrah Package?

We offer complete services in our Umrah Package. And these include;

  • Umrah Visa
  • Umrah Ticket + Return Ticket
  • Hotel Accommodation in Makkah
  • Hotel Accommodation in Madina
  • Transport to visit Holy Places

As these are the main services of any Umrah Package. However,  you may change these services according to your needs and budget. Just let us know your demand so that our agent presents the package accordingly. Alhamdulillah, we have a wonderful variety of customization.

We make sure that we will provide authentic services to our valuable clients and if our clients want to confirm their package or booking, they can check or ask for their satisfaction.

21 Days group Umrah Package from Pakistan

Our agency organizes free Umrah packages good enough for all group sizes. If a group of people wants to travel together, office partners, or any other set of people, we will offer the most convenient hotels and transfers that will suit your allocation. By keeping in mind all of your concerns, we arrange a 21-Days group Umrah Package from Pakistan. So you and your loved ones can go to perform Umrah together.

Muslims consider Umrah as the second most holy ritual of worship of Allah (SWT) after Hajj. Therefore, millions of Muslims around the world go to the holy land to perform Umrah every year to show their love towards Allah (SWT). So they are always in search of the best Umrah package that meets their needs.

21-Days group Umrah Package from Pakistan

As everyone wants to perform Umrah with complete comfort and satisfaction, So we have organized these packages in such a way that fulfills all your demands regarding Umrah travel.

You may get confused by looking at an immense variety of Umrah packages from Pakistan. So we are here to help you in getting the most affordable Umrah packages, without compromising on the quality of the Umrah services. We always endeavor to save you from any kind of trouble.

Umrah is a worship that is performed at Masjid Al Haram by Muslims. Umrah is not a Field, in contrast to Hajj, which must be performed by any Muslim who has the means to do so. In fact, Umrah is a Sunnah that the prophet performed as an act of worship. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, unlike Hajj which must be performed in a specific month.

The steps involved to complete the free Umrah are:

  • Clean yourself
  • Niyyat of Umrah
  • Take the Ihram state
  • Perform Tawaf and Saii
  • Cut hairs

Umrah Visa Requirements:

An Umrah visa is issued by the govt. of Saudia Arabia which is a travel permit allowing you to enter the country and perform Umrah.

  • 2 colored recent passport-size photographs with blue backgrounds.
  • Copy of CNIC or B-form for children
  • Original passport valid for at least 8 months
  • Overseas Pakistani must provide an original NICOP
  • It needs to submit a submission request with a Bio Matric verification slip
  • Women shall have a Mehram with them
  • A lady does not require Mehram if she is older than 45.

Today Omrah package price in Pakistan:

Right now, Muharram Umrah packages are being announced. People looking to avail these packages may contact a travel agency to get more detail about the package. Some of these packages are mentioned below:

21 Days Economy Package

HMF Travel has just announced a 21 days economy package. The Umrah package will consist of 10 nights stay in Makkah and 10 night stay in Madinah. The package will cost roughly:

210,000 per person for 21 days.

Package Inclusion:

  1. Direct Flights (LHR – JED – LHR)
  2. Return Airline tickets
  3. Meet and assist at Jeddah airport
  4. Umrah Visa
  5. Hotel Accommodation
  6. Medical insurance will be provided by the company
  7. Transportation by bus
  8. Makkah Hotel: Olyan Palace or similar
  9. Madinah Hotel: Madina Hamoda Sakni or similar
  10. Makkah Hotel distance: 1300 meter
  11. Madinah Hotel distance: 600 meters

The package will exclude:

  1. Meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  2. Ziarat of Holy places of Makkah and Madinah
  3. PCR Tests
  4. Quarantine

19 Nights 4-Star Umrah Package

HMF Travels have introduced a 19 Nights 4-Star Umrah package. The package will be consisting of 9 nights in Makkah and 10 nights in Madinah, The package will cost:

  • 235,000 per person for double room sharing
  • 216,000 for triple room sharing

Package includes:

  1. Direct Flights from Lahore and Islamabad
  2. Airline Return ticket
  3. Umrah Visa will be provided
  4. Hotel Accommodation
  5. Transport facility
  6. Travel Insurance
  7. Medical insurance
  8. Makkah Hotel: Alminar or similar
  9. Madinah Hotel: Warda Safa or similar
  10. Makkah Hotel distance: 1200 meters
  11. Madinah Hotel distance: 600 meters

The package excludes

  1. PCR Tests
  2. Quarantine
  3. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  4. Ziarat of Holy places
  5. Anything which is not mentioned in the package.

How Sacred is Umrah?

Muslims from all across the world travel to execute the Umrah, which is a significant pilgrimage that can be done throughout the year. After the Hajj Umrah is the most important in Islam.

The free Umrah is significant because it atones for a Muslim’s transgressions committed between one Umrah and another. Many Muslims accomplish Umrah only once in their life but there are Hadiths that state that Muslims shall do Umrah as many times as possible for them. If they have the money to carry out the expenses then they shall do it.

 How can Pilgrims Travel to Umrah? 

Worshipers from other countries must apply for an Umrah visa that is allowed for one month and get there via Airplane. Visitors from nearby nations can cross the borders by car, although they also require a visa. No particular data is required for citizens of Saudi Arabia or those who are currently residing and employed there. Muslims of any age is permitted to perform Umrah many times without limitations but women of age less than 45 must travel with a Mahram who is at least 17 years old.

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Design your Umrah Package

As we understand, so we give you the opportunity of designing your Umrah Package according to your desired budget and needs. In this way, you just have to pay for those services you have chosen.

Our tailor-made group Umrah packages will help you in a variety of ways. You will get the best hotel facilities. The accommodation you choose will be close to Makkah and Madina. There are options for the family or a separate room for you. You may include the visit to holy sites, and many other amenities like free WiFi, meal, and air-conditioned transport.

You can also book a return flight ticket. In this way, you can easily depart from the airport to your home country after accomplishing all the Umrah rites.

Consideration of Umrah Packages

Whenever you make a plan to perform Umrah, you have a heartfelt desire to visit all the holy places in Makkah and Madina. But you need a lot of money to fulfill your desire. However, with us, you need not worry, because we are providing you with our level best and most affordable 21 days ( Credit: Umrah packages from Pakistan). Our one and only intention is to facilitate you in all Umrah journey matters.

We organize cheap and free Umrah packages, making it easier for those who can not afford such expenses. So they can also visit the city of Allah (SWT) and His beloved Rasool (SAW).

Although we offer special services to our disabled or respected elderly pilgrims to make their journey sound and comfortable.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further queries regarding free Umrah travel deals. Our Umrah travel agents are available all the time to help you. So book your flights with us to make your journey memorable.

In Sha Allah, we will never disappoint you.

Term & Conditions for Free Umrah Package

  • Price is based on 1 person
  • Hotel reservations can change or provide alternate hotels same as to mention
  • The price of Package can change if there is any change or notice from both government
  • Cancellations and amendments will be a charge
  • guest cannot get any materials in your room
  • 100% payment get as an advance in 3 steps (Visa Processing 1st Step, Ticket Booking 2nd Step & Hotel Reservation is 3rd Step)

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