What is Khatrimaza and all the relevant details to it?

Written by Sheikh Umair

The love for the movies both from the Lollywood and Bollywood is always increasing because of the fact that there are top class movies being released all the time and the people across the world, want to watch them. However, waiting for the movie to be premiered in your town and getting the tickets for it, can be frustrating and you could kill the wait by logging on to khatrimaza which is a website that can help you watch all your favorite movies easily.

There are plenty of movie streaming websites that are popular but sometimes you do not want to stream it, you just want to download the movie and watch it later according to your mood.

Introduction to Khatrimaza

This is where the torrents help you and at khatrimaza, you can easily find the torrents and downloadable files for the movies from Bollywood and Lollywood, along with the TV shows and other entertainment programs from both the countries.

This website is known for the circulation of highest amount of pirated content from USA and India and is providing high quality torrents for the people to watch.

There are thousands of Indian and American movies in store on this website, that you can download to your device in the form of torrents and direct downloads. The people who love to watch movies, are badly addicted to this website as they can easily get what they want from here.

This website has started its operations only a few years ago but since the content it is providing, is illegal, therefore it is banned in both USA and India, still it is operating perfectly and the number of its fans is increasing day by day. The pirated content that it is giving to the people, is not legal which is reason why people have to use VPN or other such programs to run it.

How can you access khatri maza?

This website is being used across the world and in both the countries of the USA and India with the help of a portal and an android app. All you have to do is to download the app to your device and start downloading the movies.

However, since this website is proving the pirated and banned content, you will not be able to find it on Google Play Store, rather you would use some third-party website for downloading this app safely to your device.

The portal that it uses is named the khatrimaza.pink and it keeps on introducing new content every now and then. The download speed and other features are quite dull on the portal compared to the android app, that works perfectly and efficiently.

Khatrimaza.in leaks movies as well

Yes, that is true. Khatrimaza keeps on leaking the new movies too and it has recently leaked the new Bollywood movies that include

  • Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship
  • Street Dancer 3D
  • Malang

Because of the number of movies, it leaks before even their release, this website is playing with fire but the users love it because of the fact that it is providing them their most favorite content without any hurdles.

Not only is this website known for allowing the users to download popular Indian movies, but it can also be used for downloading torrents to Hollywood movies. There are also regional shows available on this website that people love to watch and download.

Original Khatri maza website was banned by the Indian Government

Originally, this website was known as khatrimaza.org and was frequently used by the people not only from India but from other parts of the world as well, to download movies and their torrents. However, when the Indian government realized that this website is using pirated content, they banned it. But the users were so addicted to it, that a proxy server with the name khatrimaza.pink surfaced soon and to date, it is operating well and is helping movie lovers, download, and watch their favorite content. Khatrimaza.org was banned in the year 2018 but the supply of movies from this forum never stopped.

GOI’s measures to prevent piracy

Like every other government, the Indian government too has taken measures to ensure that the piracy of the films is prevented to its full. However, there are still people who know how to dodge the government and do what they want.

The Indian government has completely banned piracy of any kind of film and according to the Cinematograph Act of 2019, any individual or organization, found guilty of recording a movie without written permission from the producers, will end up in jail.

The penalty for unauthorized filming and recording is set to be in jail for three whole years. And along with that, the culprits would be charged to submit 10 lakhs of Indian rupees as well.

Not only the people recording unauthorized stuff, but the people who are involved in spreading this content, would also be facing a penalty and would end in jail.

Also, the Indian courts have issued an order against the piracy of the films and they are dealing with the cases of torrent and pirated content, based on this order. The order is names as john doe order and according to it, the people involved in the smallest of the activities relevant to the piracy of the content, would be accused and would be facing the penalty of their acts.

Based on this law, several cases of online cases have been dealt with the help of the filmmakers. Also the torrent websites that are accused of releasing the blocked content and are responsible for leaking the pirated editions of the movies, are facing the courts while you read this.

Special Note: Pakistan Networks never aimed to promote piracy of films or of any other content, rather it was aimed to provide only the information to the readers about the khatrimaza website and how it works. We hope you all the best for your secure and safe surfing.

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