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RARBG download
Written by Sheikh Umair

Those who love watching movies and like to get entertained by the music would know about the several websites out there working to provide their users with their favorite entertainment type. RARBG is one of the most famous websites when it comes to downloading movies. Rarbg is a free torrent website established in 2008, and up till now, it has served billions of its visitors with the RARBG download facility.

How can you get facilitated with the RARBG download?

Rarbg.to can help provide you the torrent files and the magnet link files of different movies that can help you with peer-to-peer file sharing. It makes use of the Bit Torrent protocol for file sharing across several countries.

This torrent website has received several awards for being the most visited torrent websites, which shows just why it is one of the most favorite torrent websites of all time. Since 2014, it has been receiving the award of the most visited torrent website each year, and it was on rank 4 in April 2020 amongst the websites used for downloading the torrents.

What makes Rarbg.to different from the other and most reliable is that it does not allow the users to upload their own torrents on the site. This ensures that only the secure and trusted torrents are available on the website, that the people can download without any security concerns.

Rarbg torrent has many movies to offer, and since the other people are not allowed to upload the movies on the website, the team itself encodes the movies so that they are in a better format, high quality, and smaller in size.

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Since Rarbg is the most visited website for torrents, you can find it spread in many countries. The highest traffic for the website comes from Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.

The movies from Hollywood and movies from Bollywood and Tollywood are also available on this website. Other than the movies, you can easily listen to music here and download it. The television serials, latest games, and shows could also be downloaded in good quality and small sizes.


  • All the content uploaded on this website is free of cost, so you can watch it, download it and enjoy it free of charge without any subscription requirement.
  • There is no end to the number of movies and other entertainment content that you can download anywhere, anytime, and in any part of the world.
  • There is no such thing as link expiry for the Rarbg.to.

However, in a few countries, because of the large and free downloadable content, you might find restrictions on RARBG download. For that, you can use a VPN or other such applications to get the maximum benefit of this website.

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