Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is Planning to come with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Written by Sheikh Umair

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is said to be one of the Galaxy S21 series phones, could be S Pen compatible. A well-known tipster shared on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S21 is confirmed to be S Pen compatible.

However, no further details were shared. The South Korean tech giant has yet to officially share any information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy S21 series. If the last tip holds true, the future of the Galaxy Note series may become uncertain.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Known tipster ice universetweetedthat the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is “ 100% ” confirmed to be compatible with the S Pen. It’s unclear what “support” actually means here – whether the phone will come with a slot for the S Pen like the Galaxy Note series, or if the Galaxy S 21 Ultra will be able to use the S Pen’s low latency inputs. So far, Samsung has left S Pen support only for its Galaxy Note series.

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A report from SamMobile mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with a digitizer under the display so that it can pick up input from the S Pen. If this turns out to be true and if the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the S Pen, the differences between the flagship Galaxy S line and the flagship Galaxy Note series will be even smaller

The Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra was recently designed to feature a 2K resolution aka QHD + display with a 120Hz refresh rate. SamMobile’s report points out that these screen specs could explain why Samsung decided to add a digitizer. over the phone, as it would provide an even better experience for stylus users, compared to a 1080p 120Hz display.

This isn’t the first time the Galaxy S21 Ultra has been invited to support the S Pen like in August, a Korean publication reported.

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