The Era of Secure Communication: Top Apps

Written by Sheikh Umair

The new era of secure communication has arrived. About 80% of people have started working online due to the recent restrictions on meeting in person. Upforit conducted an audit in 2020 and published statistics; the number of site visits in 1 year has grown by more than half. As such, a lot of people are trying to use the safest apps for communication. We’re going to review the best apps that you should consider for this purpose!

Until 2020, few people worked on a remote system. Celebrated birthdays online.

We could not even imagine that 90% of our time we will spend on communication applications (Skype, Zoom, dating sites). Now we cannot imagine our life without a computer (smartphone), the Internet, and these apps. This past year has taught us that everything we believed about the need to work in person was wrong since secure communication can happen anytime and anywhere.

Top Secure Apps

Without further ado, it’s time to look at some of the top safe apps available in the present day, starting with these family choices!


WhatsApp is known for its high-security levels. It has end-to-end encryption, and it’s not directly connected to a social media platform. You can send a variety of messages using this tool, including voice, pictures, and text. You can also call people on the app, with only data being charged to your phone. This app has also been redeveloped to some extent for use by small businesses. It’s a great platform that has gotten a lot of growth over the last year.


Houseparty is another wonderful app to use for people that need to chat “face-to-face” despite being apart from each other. When you start using this app, you can invite a group of people to participate in conversations. This is perfect when you’re trying to catch up with a bunch of people. The app was designed for easy access from all users, so even people that are less tech-savvy can use it successfully.


Simply put, this is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software that helps bring people together on different devices over a long distance. It is something that can be used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Video calls and phone calls alike are easy to use for this service. Viber comes with a full complement of stickers and gifs along with a highly secure form of privacy protection. The system can make calls with people in over 50 countries right now, offering a secure form of communication with people from many places!


Slack has recently emerged as one of the most profound ways for businesses to stay in touch with one another during these troubling times. Slack is a communication platform where people can meet and chat from many different devices. People can access slack from mobile and desktop devices. The workplace can establish different channels for different teams in the platform, allowing them to chat directly, have video chats, and upload files that can be shared with different members without the uncoordinated form of email communication. This is a powerful tool that has emerged and become a top way for people to communicate in businesses in the last year. It is not going anywhere, either!

Microsoft Teams

Another potent communication platform that has emerged in the last year is Microsoft Teams. People can chat instantly on this platform and engage in many different forms of other communications. There is video conferencing, together mode, multiple language interfaces, and much more to love about this product. You can send files instantly, collaborate on video and chat, and set up teams of thousands of people that can all interact. It’s an incredible way for you to talk with people within your small to medium-sized businesses!


Skype is a mainstay of business communications that has been around for plenty of time, so it is a simple, familiar platform for most people. The product can be used on multiple devices, and it has a lot of the same usage as most of the others on this list. You can use voice chats, video chats, and some texts. This is a Microsoft product, but it is designed more for a one-to-one chat instead of connecting teams. So, if you want to chat with a single person, this is the way to do it.


Telegram is an easy-to-use, cross-platform communications method that is gaining popularity due to its incredible safety features. Specifically, messages can be sent that will “self-destruct” like they would on Snapchat. Your groups can extend to have 200,000 people in them so that you can always contact just who you want. The system is very simple, but it lacks the business capabilities that some of the other platforms use. Still, this is very valuable for people who want to connect in a secure fashion and maintain control over their messages’ outcomes.


Zoom has really come to the forefront of communication platforms because it is geared around connecting people in large groups. This is a primarily used resource for schools all across the world that have been forced to go into digital learning for safety reasons. This resource has the typical messages, calls, and group video chats. It comes with personalized conference rooms, backdrops for privacy, and the ability to customize the calls in a number of ways. It is easy to see why Zoom is the top means through which people communicate during these uncertain times. It is secure enough that it has been used by the government!

The safest way to communicate online these days is by using an online platform like any of those listed here. Not only are they effective at bringing people together, but they are also amazing at helping people to connect in meaningful, safe ways. Use any of these, and you’ll have a fantastic time as you try to help connect with people around the world!

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