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olive skin
Written by Sheikh Umair

Do you know the exact skin tone that you have? Are you not sure what is the correct name of your skin tone? Well, it is really important to know which skin tone you have because there are certain things that need knowledge about your skin tone and they should be considered well when you are about to choose the makeup products for it. Especially, having an olive skin tone is something that needs plenty of attention because it is not very common skin color.

So how do you know if your skin is olive skin?

Confusing the mid-brown skin tones with olive-green skin is something pretty normal which is why understanding olive skin is essential. The olive skin does include light brown skin undertones that are between dark and pale, but this is not always necessary. There can be cream to beige undertones as well and the deep complexions can go up to dark brown.

But what makes olive skin is a fact that there is a unique and neutral green color pigment in the skin that has hues of yellow and red mixed in it. This makes a body-color tone, a perfectly green one and it would be subtly visible on the skin surface.

As told earlier, the olive green tone is rare and if you have one, you can experience problems like oily skin and discoloration and the use of the normal makeup and skincare products might not affect it well. on the other hand, finding the right cosmetics could be challenging too. Therefore, you must be very careful with your green skin and try following these tips to keep it look perfect all the time.

  • Choose the skincare products for your green color skin, wisely and carefully. Only the products that are for the olive skin, you should choose them. Then be sure to apply them according to the given instructions. Neither too much nor too little, just according to the given instructions.
  • When choosing the foundation, be sure that you have gone for the right shade. Green colored skin does not go very well with mismatches in the foundation tones.
  • The color of your eyes also matters a lot when you have olives-colored skin. You have to use such makeup that helps pop your eyes up while keeping the live skin tone totally natural and neutral.
  • Take some time to research the lip colors that suit the green skin in the best manner. For this, you can check the magazines and cosmetics reviews as well. visit a salon can help you understand better about olive skin makeup.
  • The skin on the hands and feet also needs attention and when you are choosing the nail paints, you should go for the ones that look good with olive skin.

We hope these simple yet easy tips for your green skincare will help you go on confidently with your unique skin tone.

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