What is an ONIC SIM card in Pakistan?

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Onic SIM has been launched in Pakistan which you can order online and in some time the SIM will reach your home, its own signals towers are not yet installed so it has been merged with Ufone company. Meaning, if you insert the SIM, Ufone will be written.

Its service is currently working in major cities, people liked it more because its internet packages are very cheap, but after getting the SIM, they found out what’s going on, just read this carefully.👇

There is a 123 testing package, which is20 GB for 200 rupees. When you get a new SIM, you can install it only for the first time. And if Telenor is like that, it was seen that there was great sadness among the people.

Because Ufone and Telenor are already giving similar packages.

So it’s better to stay on your old network, first if you have 5 sims issued in your name then 6 will not be available.

The rest of you can see the packages ofOnic SIMand maybe make morepackages more expensive like Jazz company has done.

What is an ONIC SIM card in Pakistan?

ONIC Sim is making a name for itself in Pakistan. This first-of-its-kind digital telecommunication service is known for its fast support, quick activation, and offline freedom. Recently introduced to the market, ONIC Sim has caught the attention of many.

What is an ONIC SIM card in Pakistan?

One such player in the market is Onic Sim Pakistan, a rising star that promises to deliver top-level mobile…

  • Disagreement among mobile companies / Telecom network announced to give 20 GB for 123 rupees as soon as it came.
  • Mobilink, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor are expected to suffer severe losses
  • On August 14, ONIC Telecom Network is going to launch its service in Pakistan.

Which will take the signal from the Ufone tower, experts say that this network will beat all the old networks.

According to the company, 20 GB of data will be provided to its users for Rs 123. All companies that fail to do so will either suffer losses or go down considerably

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