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Lauren Dascalo
Written by Sheikh Umair

Lauren Dascalo has been one of the most sought-after fitness models for quite some time now. She has conquered gyms across the globe and even reached Hollywood by appearing in the TV series “The Biggest Loser“. Since then, she has gone on to star in several fitness-themed films and became a mother. There must be something in her eyes because her fans would still continue to buy her products despite her numerous roles.

Lauren Dascalo’s name is synonymous with fitness. This is because she used to be an avid fan of the famous trainer Rob Poulos. After becoming a trainer herself, she managed to get several bookings on the fitness circuit and even landed herself in a spot light on the cover of “azines”. It was then that she realized the importance of Instagram and its fan following.

Lauren Dascalo currently is residing in the United States and works as a personal trainer in Florida. It was in a Fitness Magazine interview that she disclosed that she uses social media sites as a tool for getting attention and for building up her client base. She told a publication that she sees twitter as a marketing tool and not a platform for personal talks.

There is no doubt that this makes sense. However, there is another thing that should be understood when it comes to using social media sites for business promotions. If you do not have a business to promote, then why take up so many tasks just to gain a few followers? Why not use the free resources that are available on the internet to attract potential clients instead? Lauren Dascalo obviously did not consider these points before choosing to do everything online.

Social Presence

At the age of 23, Lauren Dascalo decided to open an account with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all at the same time. This is something that some people may do when they are young, hoping that doing so will help them achieve success in a short period of time. Lauren Dascalo failed at each of these accounts. She posted random pictures and videos, made connections with random people and ended up losing contacts, friends and even fans. The fact that she was able to maintain her account for so long speaks to the power of online advertising.

If you look closely at the fitness model’s personal site, you will see that she posts about local events, recipes and she also has a personal video blog. In addition to all of these activities, she posts on what is happening in her personal life. There is no way that this woman could be an active participant in just about any event in the United States without making at least some connections in cyberspace. That does not mean that the fitness model is engaged in sexual activity on the internet, just that she is active on the social networking scene.

Lauren Dascalo

Lauren Dascalo could easily be classified as a spammer by many people in the online marketing industry. Many online marketers view spammers as people who post useless information on forums and in their email campaigns. These people fail to provide useful tips and tricks for online marketers and other online business people. Lauren Dascalo fails to provide anything of substance to those that visit her site. It is easy to see why she enjoys the status she enjoys currently with Twitter and Facebook, because it tells everyone that she is not spending her time at home because she is busy in the entertainment business.

Lauren Dascalo,s Net Worth

Lauren Dascalo could probably count on her net worth, if she were not busy working in the entertainment industry. The truth is that she could count on her net worth, but her net worth would likely pale in comparison to the profits she is generating through her online business ventures. Lauren Dascalo could easily earn a six-figure salary by working just a couple of hours a week online, but she chooses to work seven days a week, making at least a seven-figure salary. The money is simply increasing each day that she spends online. There are a number of models like Lauren Dascalo, who has earned millions of dollars while being involved in social networking.

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