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DG ISPR Gen. Asif Ghafoor met an accident on Motorway

Asif Ghafoor
Written by Sheikh Umair

Ex-DG#ISPRGen. AsifGhafoor (Designate GOC 40 Div) met an accident on motorway near Sargodha. Gen and his wife are safe as the car was under speed limit.

*Rd Accident M-2 , Designate GOC 40 Div *

▪At around 0200 hrs, Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor (Designate GOC 40 Div) accompanied , was traveling from Rwp to Lhr on M2.

▪Near Sargodha Mor a cow suddenly appeared in middle lane and the Land Cruiser Ex 40 Div bumped into the cow.

▪Dvr handled the veh after having struck the cow and parked the vehicle on rdside.

▪Both Gen and his wife remained safe as speed of the veh was under 100.

▪While the veh was parked the fol car plying in fast lane also struck the cow, got toppled and subsequently struck the 40 Div veh parked on rdside from the back.

▪There were three passengers in the car, whom Gen and staff imed rescued with injuries.

▪While this rescue was in progress, 2-3 other fol up vehs also crashed into the struck vehs thus inc damages and cas.

▪Gen called DG FWO and apprised about the accident.

▪Once police reached, Gen and his wife left for lhr in double cabin.

▪CO 19 EB and a Fd Offr reached the accident site.

▪3x vehs are removed from main carriageway.

▪2x injured have been evac to Kot Momin Hosp.

▪3x indls having minor injuries have been given first aid on site.

▪40 Div veh has been rec by flatbed veh.

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