Pigs Burned Alive in China:

Written by Sheikh Umair

This is how some pig farms in china are killing pigs when there is a breakdown. Can you believe this is how we treat our fellow beings?

Helpless pigs are thrown alive into a mass grave. They scream desperately even before they are burned alive, trying to survive as their fellow pigs are dumped on top of them.

The excuse for why pigs are burned alive

Burning and burying pigs alive is standard practice for killing pigs whenever there is a fear of virus infection in China. Such infections are common in crowded and filthy animal factories around the world. In this specific case, the pigs carried theAfrican swine fever virus(ASFV), so the farm burned them alive prior to burying them.

Killing pigs is not unique to China

Sadly, the abuse and killing of pigs happen each second of every minute, not only in China but in most countries around the world.In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, try to be vegan for 22 days! We highly recommend to joinChallenge 22for both free guidance and support.

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