Textsheet down?10 Alternatives sites for TextSheet

Textsheet was one of the most useable website for students. It was used by students for their homework and projects. It is no longer in service because of DMCA notices from Chegg.

What is Texsheet? was a website that was used by many students in the past, it helps them to find answers to their questions. The shutdown of the textsheet made many students dishearten.

What happened to the text sheet?

Why was it takedown?


What exactly is a Textsheet? Textsheet is a free online service for college and students who wish to help with their homework, papers or assignments. Due to this violation by Chegg for violating the privacy policy of their site, they have received a copyright complaint. This has caused a lot of issues between Chegg and Textsheet because as far as I know, Chegg is still available online but the service was shut down for good.

DMCA copyright rules text sheet had to stop its service and so is Textsheet down. gave solutions to students using API technology it gave answers by utilizing Chegg API.

 TextSheet Alternatives

  1. Slader

  2. Course Hero

  3. studylib

  4. Chegg

  5. SparkNotes

  6. PaperHelp

  7. Coursera

  8. Quizlet

  9. Byju’s

  10. Unacademy

Top 10 Textsheet Alternatives 2020:





















So, what can you do to get Textsheet back up?

You can try to find an alternate website that offers it for free and then links to it instead.

One of the most popular ways to do this is to use Google. Just go to their home page and search for the website that offers Text Sheets for free before clicking on the link that comes up.

If you don’t find one, try another search, since there are probably quite a few sites that are offering the service for free but don’t mention Text Sheet. on their site.

You can also check forums and blog sites, but I think that this isn’t a very good method because many people have stopped using the service because they couldn’t get their links working anymore. You can find some very useful tips on the internet, though.

I would suggest that you look around and see if there are any alternatives for Text Sheets that you can find. and try them for free until you find one that you like.

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