ZONG 4G and its versatility 2017 Review

ZONG 4g and its versatility

Zong 4g is wanting to accomplish something extraordinary with Latest Call, SMS and web bundles/advancements for all its clients whether its postpaid or prepaid in the time of 2017. It was built up in 2008 and is an outstanding versatile specialist co-op in Pakistan. Zong involves third position in the rundown of Major versatile specialist co-ops in Pakistan with millions of Subscribers everywhere throughout the Pakistan.

ZONG 4G and its versatility 2017 Review

Eighteen percent are in favor of Zong. In the brief time frame from 2008 till now, Zong 4g has advanced a ton and is giving a major rivalry to other portable specialist co-ops in Pakistan. Zong is continually attempting to respect its esteemed clients with best administrations. These bundles accompany low rates when contrasted with common rates. Individuals are continually hunting down Packages keeping in mind the end goal to have low rates with best arranges.


Most recent Call bundles/advancements of Zong let the clients to appreciate immense number of minutes to converse with friends and family the whole way across the Pakistan at low rates.There is no compromise in the voice quality during calls as zong takes care of its customers even during the process of low rates .SMS incline in Pakistan is getting exceptionally prominent. Sms has become more like a necessity for everyone and it takes place on daily basis. Keeping in perspective of expanding pattern of SMS in Pakistan, Zong has propelled a bundle of most recent SMS Packages/Promotions for the time of 2017. These bundles aren’t just supposed to fill the everyday necessities by showing leniency on sms packages but they are being made more attractive to gain customers attention .

Product Daily SMS Bundle Zulu SMS Bundle Weekly SMS Bundle Monthly SMS bundle

Price Point Rs. 3.99 +tax Rs.2.50+tax Rs.15+tax Rs.50+tax


Internet is the basic and foremost necessity in todays world and the easiest way to stay connected with the globe. Furthermore, when web is added to versatile then association with the world wind up noticeably unbreakable. Zong has taken care of this fact by coming up with the 4G net which can be used at anytime from everywhere thus making communication easier for its clients in the absence of wifi. Zong is the main portable specialist co-op in Pakistan that is putting forth 4G versatile web. that is not yet completed Zong has likewise propelled energizing new bundles/advancements that will let its supporters of make the most of Pakistan’s speediest portable web at least rates .

Good Night Offer Rs. 12+Tax/day 2GB Applicable from 1am to 9am

Daytime Offer Rs. 12+Tax/Day 1GB Applicable from 4am to 4pm

WhatsApp Daily Bundle Rs. 15 + t/Day 300MB 1 Day

Zong 4G Customer Care App

ZONG 4G has launched customer care app through which customer profile information, activation and deactivation steps of all packages , details about balance , upcoming plans of all pacakges , call history and SMS and Zong support can be easily accessed . The most share important and fun fact is that this application comes totally free of cost.

Zong Conference Call

As many as ten people can talk at a time together thanks to Zong 4g conference call this is something. We cannot find in any other network. A meeting call with your friends or family members using Conference call its upto you whoever you want to talk to .You can talk to two different contacts at the same time. The most fun fact and amazing thing is that there are no charges of using Conference Call.


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