Deadly Switch – A brief review of Netflix Movie

Deadly Switch
Written by Sheikh Umair

Rating 4.5/10 on the chart, the Deadly Switch is a movie that was released on Netflix in January 2019. The movie was fine as the rating tells us where a foreign exchange student gets to move to a roommate’s house because a dangerous stalker targets her.

She gets to start living with her roommate’s family in their home and they accept her immediately. Since the main character, named as Ana, in the movie, seemed to have some resemblance to the late sister of her roommate, Ana is more than welcome at that home.

But something extraordinary was happening between the lines that Ana surely couldn’t see and throughout the whole movie, the sudden twists and confusions kept the viewers lost. The script was fine to some extent but once you start watching this movie, you get confused about several things, and at times, you just want to go to the writer and ask what they were thinking of writing?

Deadly Switch Official Trailer

There is not a single concept behind the story rather there are several and confusion carries on in the whole movie.

The story plot of Deadly Switch

At first, Ana, who has been a roommate to Monica for only one day, gets to accept her offer to move to her house so quickly that you get to cringe at her foolishness. Just because a person was stalking her, she put herself into the danger of moving to a whole unknown family. They start taking her as Camila, the late sister of Monica and strange things start happening to Ana.

And instead of calling the police or asking someone trustworthy about it, Ana is always going to the strange family member of Monica and they have weird things to tell her. I mean, a normal person would try to run away from such a house but Ana is looking for trouble all the time.

The acting, I must say, was not up to the mark because the lead character Ana was devoid of all the expressions, and most of the time she looked bored. However, there were some scenes that made us happy about her acting and the last thirty minutes of the movie got us on the edge as well.

But still, I would like to say, that the movie could have ended pretty earlier than the actual ending time for it but the writers decided to unnecessarily drag it to the point where there is no end, and end it suddenly.

The movie Deadly Switch seems to be written on a similar plot, like that of the GET OUT. You would see that there is plenty of resemblance between the two movies when Ana keeps running into someone in town, who is hinting her of the danger but she doesn’t get it. The movie tried to be a thriller but couldn’t do justice to it. Still, if you want to watch a suspense-filled film, you can go for this one.

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