2023 FIBA World Cup Group E Winner: Preview

Written by Sheikh Umair

The 2023 FIBA World Championship will run from August 25 to September 10. The host countries for this tournament are Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. Number of participants in the competition: 32. The national teams are divided into eight quartets.

In group “E” Australia, Germany, Finland and Japan are fighting for the right to advance to the next round from the first place. By carefully studying each of these teams, you can more accurately determine who has the best chance of winning the quartet.


The guys of Brian Gurjian confidently held the second round of the Australian-Asian qualification and took first place in group “F”. China, Japan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Bahrain managed to get ahead of Australia. Having won 11 victories, the Australians suffered an away technical defeat with the Iranians. At the same time, the Boomers had the best attack and defense in the sextet. While scoring almost 83 points on average, Mitch McKerron and company missed 55.

In the FIBA rankings, the Australians occupy the third line, behind only the USA and Spain. Australia has a simple group, and the Boomers should win in it. At the same time, the team of Brian Gurjian needs to exclude underestimation of the opponent.


Gordon Herbert’s boys won the “J” sextet in the third round of the European selection. Germany managed to get ahead of Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, Israel and Estonia. Having won 10 victories, the Germans lost only twice: to the Estonians at home and to the Slovenes on the road. Having the worst attack in the top three, Germany had the best defense, conceding 71 points per game on average.

Germany has a fairly strong squad, which, with the right attitude, can impose a fight on any opponents. It will be difficult to get ahead of the Australians, but the team can finish in the top two. At the same time, the Germans are unlikely to succeed in swiping at the medals.


The Lassi Tuovi team played in the same group as Germany in the third round of European selection and took second place. Passing forward only the Germans, from whom Finland lagged behind by one point, “Suomi” was ahead of Slovenia, Sweden, Israel and Estonia. Having won nine victories, the Finns lost three times. The Scandinavians were defeated twice by Germany and once by the Swedes. It should also be noted that Alex Murphy and their partners had a reasonably strong attack, scoring 81.5 points per game on average.

“Suomi” is famous for team play, but more formidable opponents are rarely overcome. Finland’s quartet is not easy, and it is a difficult task to win it. It is unlikely that the White Blues will even take second place. At the same time, the Finns should try to be in the deuce.



Wards of Tom Hovasse in the Australian-Asian selection acted in the sextet “F” with the Australians. And they took third place. Japan is leaving ahead of China and Australia, ahead of Iran, Kazakhstan and Bahrain. Having suffered five defeats, the Japanese won seven victories. Having lost two times to the Boomers and the Chinese, the team lost to the Iranians once. It should also be noted that they had one of the worst defenses in the group, conceding an average of 73 points per game.

In the FIBA rankings, the Japanese are in 36th place and do not represent a formidable team. At the home world championship, representatives of Asia tried to perform with dignity, but the group was quite tricky. If Japan wins at least one match, it can already be regarded as a success. If you want to make money betting on basketball, we recommend doing it at Mostbet Pakistan.

Our forecast

Japan can be considered the main outsider of the group, which, most likely, will not be able to take even the third line. Germany and Finland are very likely to fight for second place. The Germans are more stable than the Finns, so Germany should be given preference in confronting these national teams. Australia is in excellent shape and should not experience difficulties in this quartet, and a possible win in it can be considered quite logical.

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