A Comprehensive Guide to Online Sports Betting in Pakistan

Written by fawad Khan

In the dynamic landscape of online gambling, Pakistan presents a unique set of challenges due to its stringent regulations and prohibitions. Despite legal restrictions, a considerable number of Pakistanis actively engage in online sports betting, seeking a balance between excitement and responsible gaming. To navigate this landscape successfully, residents of Pakistan often turn to international bookmakers that offer a diverse range of gaming options and competitive odds. Choosing international platforms grants users the freedom to place bets without the fear of legal repercussions, highlighting the adaptability of Pakistani bettors in the face of regulatory constraints.

The Popular Sports Landscape in Pakistan

Soccer, cricket, horse racing and field hockey are the most favorite sports for online betting enthusiasts in Pakistan. The attractiveness of these sports coupled with the availability of international platforms has fueled the interest in online betting. For those who want to delve deeper into Pakistan betting sites, platforms such as serve as valuable resources that provide information on the intricacies of the industry.

Navigating Challenges: Preferred Betting Methods for Pakistani Customers

Given the strict prohibition on various forms of gambling in Pakistan, including luck-based and sports betting, officially sanctioned betting shops are virtually nonexistent, with the exception of horse racing tracks. This scarcity underscores the resilience of the Pakistani betting community, which has found ways to overcome these obstacles. While local financial institutions and credit card processors pose challenges for funding online betting accounts, many Pakistani bettors successfully navigate this limitation by registering with reputable international gaming sites.


These international platforms, typically based outside Pakistan, operate under licenses from their respective countries, allowing them to function independently of Pakistan’s betting regulations. The ability to access these platforms without legal repercussions has made them the preferred choice for Pakistani bettors. Despite potential challenges with local payment methods, resourceful sports punters often turn to international options, with e-wallets like Skrill emerging as the most popular and widely accepted choice.

Deposits in Pakistan: Navigating the Unique Landscape

Depositing funds for online sports betting in Pakistan presents challenges unique to the region. Notably, popular e-wallets like Neteller may not recognize Pakistani addresses, and virtual cards like Entropay lack payment options for Pakistani bank accounts. In light of these obstacles, Skrill has become the go-to e-wallet for many Pakistani punters.

To make a deposit using Skrill:

  • Log in to the selected gaming site.
  • Access the cashier section and choose Skrill as the preferred payment method.
  • Select the desired deposit amount and proceed with the transaction.
  • A new screen will appear, prompting the entry of Skrill login details.
  • Complete the transaction, and the funds will promptly reflect in the betting account balance.

Withdrawals: Identity Verification and Options

When withdrawing winnings, a prudent step is to upload a copy of one’s identity card and a utility bill for the verification process. Having a utility bill in the bettor’s name streamlines the verification process, ensuring a smoother transaction experience. For those encountering difficulties with local bills, Bitcoin emerges as an alternative for online gambling transactions.

Bitcoin Gambling as an Alternative Transaction Method

Bitcoin, a digital currency with an exchange rate, provides an alternative avenue for withdrawals and deposits in online betting. To engage in Bitcoin gambling:

  • Set up an online wallet, such as Blockchain.
  • Utilize the wallet to receive bitcoins and conduct transactions.
  • Platforms like Mostbet support Bitcoin transactions for both withdrawals and deposits.
  • Exercise caution and conduct transactions with reputable Bitcoin sellers to ensure security.

While Bitcoin gambling presents an alternative, it is crucial to follow due process and adhere to legal considerations. Notably, cricket betting, despite its popularity, is illegal in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of responsible and lawful engagement in online gambling activities. By understanding the challenges and available options, Pakistani bettors can navigate the complexities of online sports betting while prioritizing compliance with legal regulations.

The evolving landscape of online sports betting in Pakistan showcases the resilience and adaptability of the betting community in the face of regulatory challenges. By embracing international platforms, exploring alternative payment methods, and adhering to legal considerations, Pakistani bettors can enjoy the excitement of online sports betting while ensuring a responsible and lawful gaming experience.

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