KPL Schedule 2022 With Date & Time Kashmir Premier League Schedule

KPL Schedule 2022
Written by Sheikh Umair

KPL Schedule 2022, the management of the Kashmir Premier League has announced the schedule for the upcoming season of the tournament.

The tournament takes place under the administration of the Pakistan Cricket Board. It will be a T20 format of matches where the reigning league champions are the Rawalakot Hawks.

The most successful team in the league is Rawalakot Hawks, where most of the runs are bagged by Sharjeel Khan.

Check more details about Kashmir Premier League 2022 start date, team roster, owner name, and more information here on this page.

However, six teams will compete in a 10-day cricket event in Muzaffarabad.

The KPL 2022 teams are Kotli Lions,Rawalakot Hawks, Mirpur Royals, Muzaffarabad Tigers, Overseas Warriors, and Bagh Stallions.

Kashmir Premier League 2022 Start Date

The start date for the league is 13th August 2022 to 26th August 2022.

KPL Schedule 2022 – Kashmir League Schedule 2022

Find the latest (Kashmir Premier League)KPLSchedule 2022.

Here is the full schedule of the tournament:

Rawalakot Hawks vs Jammu Janbaz13 August7:00pm
Kotli Lions vs Mirpur Royals14 August2:00pm
Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Bagh Stallions14 August7:00pm
Jammu Janbaz vs Overseas Warriors15 August2:00pm
Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals15 August7:00pm
Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Rawalakot Hawks16 August2:00pm
Kotli Lions vs Overseas Warriors16 August7:00pm
Jammu Janbaz vs Muzaffarabad Tigers17 August2:00pm
Rawalakot Hawks vs Bagh Stallions17 August7:00pm
Mirpur Royals vs Overseas Warriors18 August2:00pm
Jammu Janbaz vs Kotli Lions18 August7:00pm
Rawalakot Hawks vs Mirpur Royals19 August2:00pm
Overseas Warriors vs Muzaffarabad Tigers19 August7:00pm
Bagh Stallions vs Kotli Lions20 August2:00pm
Mirpur Royals vs Jammu Janbaz20 August7:00pm
Kotli Lions vs Muzaffarabad Tigers21 August2:00pm
Rawalakot Hawks vs Overseas Warriors21 August7:00pm
Jammu Janbaz vs Bagh Stallions22 August2:00pm
Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Mirpur Royals22 August7:00pm
Bagh Stallions vs Overseas Warriors23 August2:00pm
Kotli Lions vs Rawalakot Hawks23 August7:00pm
Qualifier 1 (Team 1 vs Team 2)24 August2:00pm
Eliminator 1 (Team 3 vs Team 4)24 August7:00pm
Eliminator 2 (Winner Eliminator 1 vs Runner-up Qualifier 1)25 August7:00pm
Final (Winner Qualifier 1 vs Winner Eliminator 2)26 August7:00pm

Kashmir Premier League – #KheloAazadiSe

Addressing the event, Mr. Shehryar Afridi, Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, said that the government of Pakistan and the government of Azad Kashmir are fully supporting the Kashmir Premier League. There is an opportunity to bring it to the fore. The effort to maintain the KPL has been going on for two and a half years.

He said that when the KPL idea came up, we didn’t see which political party is in power, we didn’t make it a political issue. Show your worth and talent to the world, as each team will have 2 players of Kashmiri origin in their XI of play.

He said that KPL will a historic event that will change the direction of the region in terms of tourism and economic development. Mr. Arif Malik, President of KPL, said that the goal of the Kashmir Premier League is to bring out young talents. A new image of Kashmir and Pakistan will portray around the world.

After KPL, a high-performance center will establish in Azad Kashmir for players. Athletes will train in the High-Performance Center prior to each KPL season. In addition, the KPL president enlightened the event with the 13-year contract with the Azad Kashmir government regarding the Muzaffarabad cricket stadium to hold the tournament annually.

Mr. Taimoor Khan, Director of Cricket Operations, said foreign players will also include in the KPL drafting. Dilshan, Herschelle Gibbs, Owais Shah, Tenu Best, and Abby Morkel are among the foreign players in the category.

The franchise received a selection order for the platinum selection through the traditional Khel Pugan Puglia. Bagh Stallions first in the new Platinum selection, followed by Kotli Lines, Muzaffarabad Tiger third, Mirpur Royals fourth, Overseas Warriors fifth, and Rawalkot Hawks Platinum Pick last. The Kashmir Premier League will play in Muzaffarabad from August 4-14, 2021.

KPL 2022 Teams and KPL Schedule 2022

The six teams in the inaugural season entitled Rawalakot Hawks, Kotli Panthers, Mirpur Royals, Muzaffarabad Tigers, Overseas Warriors, and Baagh Stallions will play in the Kashmir Premier League that’ll contest for a 10 days major cricketing event scheduled from 6th August until 16th August 2022 in the heart of Kashmir with venues in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, and Rawalpindi.

  • Muzaffarabad Tigers Full Squad
  • Rawalakot Hawks Full Squad
  • Mirpur Royals Full Squad
  • Kotli Lions Full Squad
  • Baagh Stallions Full Squad
  • Overseas Warriors Full Squad
  • Jammu Janbaz Full Squad

KPL 2022 Players List and Icon Players

Muzaffarabad Tigers Squad 2022

The team is nominally based in the town of Muzaffarabad located in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The team was represented and supported by the people of Muzaffarabad and showed their adoration and energy for the game in the challenge of winning the mega ten-day cricket event taking place in Pakistan.

Muzaffarabad Tigers Icon Player

One of Pakistan’s most prolific cricketers, Muhammad Hafeez has joined the KPL season 2 as Icon Player for Muzaffarabad Tigers. He possesses all-around skills that can match the best in the business. We are excited to see him bringing on his A-game in the league.

Muhammad Hafeez has joined the KPL season 2 as Icon Player for Muzaffarabad Tigers

Muzaffarabad Tigers Full Squad 2022

The Muzaffarabad Tigers is a great cricket team from the inaugural season of KPL 2022 consisting of Pakistani, local, and foreign Kashmiri players. Muzaffarabad Tigers will participate from the Muzaffarabad town of Azad Kashmir. Here is the full roster of the full Muzaffarabad Tigers squad.

  1. Mohammad Hafeez
  2. Aqib llyas
  3. Saad bin Zafar
  4. Inzamam ul Hag
  5. Usman Maroof
  6. Usama Fazal
  7. Agib Liaquat
  8. Aamir Khan
  9. Mir Hamza
  10. Ahmed Safi Abdullah
  11. Salman Fayyaz
  12. Taimoor Sultan
  13. Zeeshan Ashraf
  14. Arshad labal
  15. Anwar Ali
  16. Haseebullah
  17. Iftikhar Ahmed
  18. Sohail Tanvir

Mirpur Royals Icon Player

Our superstar and a great cricketer, Shoaib Malik is the Icon Player for Mirpur Royals in KPL Season 2. A solid defense backed by some handsome horizontal bat shots and lofted drives makes the man from Sialkot spectators delight.

Shoaib Malik is the Icon Player for Mirpur Royals

Mirpur Royals Full Squad

The Mirpur Royals are a great cricket team from the inaugural season of KPL 2022 consisting of Pakistani, local and foreign Kashmiri players. Mirpur Royals will participate from the Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir. Here is the complete list of the complete Mirpur Royals team.

Mirpur Royals Squad 2022
Player NameCategory
Shoaib MalikIcon Player
Salman IrshadDimond
M. AkhlaqGold
Abrar AhmedGold

Mirpur Royals Squad 2022 List

  1. Shoaib Malik
  2. Imad Wasim
  3. Haris Sohail
  4. Salman Irshad
  5. Ali Imran
  6. M. Akhlaq
  7. Abrar Ahmed
  8. Kashif Ali
  9. M. Hamza Arshad
  10. Zubair Khan Lodhi
  11. Zaid Alam
  12. Hassan Nawaz
  13. Ali Razzag
  14. Shadab Majeed
  15. Sufyan Moqim
  16. Shan Khan
  17. Umer Hayat
  18. Faizan Saleem

Rawalakot Hawks Full Squad

The Rawalakot Hawks are a great cricket team from the inaugural season of KPL 2022 consisting of Pakistani, local and foreign Kashmiri players. Rawalakot Hawks will participate from the Kotli city of Azad Kashmir. Here is the complete list of the complete Rawalakot Hawks team.

Player NameCategory
Muhammad AmirIcon Player
Ahmad ShahzadPlatinum
Hussian TalatPlatinum
Zaman KhanDimond
Asif AfridiDimond
Rawalakot Hawks

Full Squad Updated 2022

Here are Rawalakot Hawks new Squad for KPL 2022.

  1. Mohammad Amir
  2. Ahmed Shehzad
  3. Hussain Talat
  4. Zaman Khan
  5. Asif Afridi
  6. Amad Butt
  7. Bismillah Khan
  8. Zeeshan Malik
  9. Musaddiq Ahmed
  10. Faisal Akram
  11. Ammad Alam
  12. Saeedullah
  13. Ihsanullah
  14. Zain ul Hasan
  15. Saif Ali Zaib
  16. Atif Sheikh
  17. Roya Farhan Khan
  18. Kashif Ali

Rawalakot Hawks Icon Player

Pakistan’s left-arm fast bowler Muhammad Amir is the icon player of Rawalakot Hawks for the second season of KPL. He has represented Pakistan in fifty T20 internationals, taking a total of 59 wickets. He is expected to give a power-packed performance.

Muhammad Amir is the icon player of Rawalakot Hawks

Baagh Stallions Icon Player

A strong player with a versatile repertoire, Kamran Akmal is the icon Player for baagh stallion in KPL Season 2. His flexibility at any batting position makes him a great asset to his team.

We can’t wait to see him scoring tons in the league.

Kamran Akmal is the icon Player for baagh stallion

Baagh Stallions Full Squad 2022

The Baagh Stallions is a great cricket team from the inaugural season of KPL 2021 consisting of Pakistani, local, and foreign Kashmiri players. Baagh stallions will participate from the Baagh town of Azad Kashmir. Here is the complete list of the complete Baagh Stallions team.

Baagh stallions Squad 2022
Player NameCategory
Kamran AkmalIcon Player
Shoaib MaqsoodPlatinum
Amir YaminDiamond
M. Imran JRGold

Baagh Stallions Full Squad 2022 List

  1. Kamran Akmal
  2. Sohaib Maqsood
  3. Rumman Raees
  4. Amir Yamin
  5. Umar Amin
  6. M. Imran Jr
  7. Kashit Bhatti
  8. Muhammad Sarwar
  9. M. Sharoon Siraj
  10. Ahmed Jamal
  11. Aitizaz Habib Khan
  12. Maaz Khan
  13. Sajjad Ali
  14. Hasan Raza
  15. Daniyal Allah Ditta
  16. Aamir Shehzad
  17. Arsalan Arif
  18. Raja Farhan

Overseas Warriors Icon Players

Asad Shafiq, who is highly rated in domestic circles is now the Icon Player for Overseas Warriors in KPL Season 2. Asad Shafiq has the ability to score big once he gets going.

We are sure that Asad Shafiq will be shining this season.

Asad Shafiq Icon Player for Overseas Warriors

Overseas Warriors Full Squad

Overseas Warriors is a great cricket team from the KPL 2022 inaugural season that is made up of Pakistani, local and foreign Kashmiri players. Overseas Warriors will participate from all over the world of Kashmir. Here’s the full roster of the full Overseas Warriors team.

KPL Schedule 2022
Player NameCategory
Asad ShafiqIcon Player
Azam KhanPlatinum
Kamran GhulamPlatinum
Sohail KhanDimond
KPL Schedule 2022

Overseas Warriors Full Squad List

  1. Asad Shafig
  2. Azam Khan
  3. Kamran Ghulam
  4. Imran Randhawa
  5. Sohail Khan
  6. Umaid Asif
  7. Saif Badar
  8. Adi Amin
  9. Bilal Asif
  10. Ali Shafig
  11. Muhammad Shehzad
  12. Umer Zeeshan Lohya
  13. Khawaia Muhammad
  14. Farhan Shafig
  15. Hannan Ahmed
  16. Hashim Ali
  17. Saad Asif
  18. Malik Nisar

Kotli Lions Full Squad

The Kotli Lions are a great cricket team from the inaugural season of KPL 2022 consisting of Pakistani, local and foreign Kashmiri players. Kotli Lions will participate from the Kotli town of Azad Kashmir. Here is the complete list of the complete Kotli Lions team.

KPL Schedule 2022
Player NameCategory
Khurram ManzoorIcon Player
Ahasa AliDimond
Khurram ShahzadDimond
Irfanullah ShahaGold
Khalid UsmanGold

Kotli Lions Full Squad List 2022 – KPL Schedule 2022

  1. Khurram Manzoor
  2. Danish Aziz
  3. Sarfaraz Ahmed
  4. Ansan Ali
  5. Khurram Shahzad
  6. Irfanullah Shah
  7. Khalid Usman
  8. Mushtaq Ahmed Kalhoro
  9. Hassan Khan
  10. Hanit Azad
  11. Hasan Mohsin
  12. Imran Shah
  13. Irfan Ali Qasmi
  14. Zayan Khan
  15. Basit Ali
  16. Naveed Malik
  17. Mujtaba Ghayas
  18. Nadeem Khalil

Jammu Janbaz Squad 2022

The Jammu Janbaz is an official franchise cricket team of the KPL 2022 second edition. It will be representing Jammu which is known as the capital city of winter in Jammu and Kashmir. The team was formed on the 7th of February in 2022. Kingdom Valley is the owner of the team.

KPL Schedule 2022
Player NameCategory
Sharjeel KhanIcon Player
Shahid AfridiPlatinum
Sahibzada FarhanDimond
Umar AkmalDimond
Mehran MumtazKashmiri

Jammu Janbaz Squad 2022 Full List

  1. Sharjeel Khan
  2. Shahid Afridi
  3. Faheem Ashraf
  4. Sahibzada Farhan
  5. Umar Akmal
  6. Usama Mir
  7. Akit Javed
  8. Imran Khan Sr.
  9. Umar Siddique
  10. Shahzab
  11. Ahmed Khan
  12. Hamza Shah Afridi
  13. Samiullah Afridi
  14. Mehran Mumtaz
  15. Naqsah Barsharat
  16. Faisal Altaf
  17. Naseem Najam Kiyani
  18. Muhammad Shehzad

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